COVID-19 and Cynefin’s “chaotic” domain

Recently I've been learning more about the Cynefin framework, a framework that's existed for over twenty years. (I've added a "management patterns" wiki page where I describe it a bit, along with a couple of other approaches I have found useful.) Here's an 8 min 30 sec YouTube video from the creator about Cynefin. Essentially, work can be in one of five domains: simple, complicated, complex, chaotic, and disorder.

I'd heard about this framework a few years ago, I think, and then a colleague at work mentioned it at the beginning of this year. So I started trying to understand it in February. Right before COVID-19.

So it turns out that "chaotic" is basically what's happening with COVID-19. When in the chaotic domain, the goal is to keep things from getting worse. Quick action is needed, and then you can respond/reflect later on what happened.

I'm still just starting to learn about what the framework suggests, but so far I've found solace in there being some kind of system that can explain what's happening right now. I also appreciate that the framework's explicitly says the goal is to keep things from getting worse. I also think that if there is any "improvement" in the chaotic domain it's revolutionary, not evolutionary.