Archiving Seattle Public Schools K-5 school content

In a normal year, kids would bring home their paper assignments, exams, and essays. Parents can then dutifully file these (or destroy them). But this year, almost all of what kids have turned in is electronic. I don't know what will happen to this content after the school year is over, so here I describe how I've tried to make a copy of my kid's electronic content before school gets out.

Please note, I'm describing what I've done but I don't claim this captures 100% of all electronic content.

Creating the backup folder

On my computer I created a folder called "2020-21 school", where I will put all the archived content. My goal for this folder is that my kid will have it and can decide what they want to do with it, so I'm limiting the content to stuff that they created or can see.

OneDrive content

Some of our kid's content is in Office365, e.g. Word 365 and PowerPoint 365. To the best of my knowledge this content all gets stored in OneDrive.

To copy this content, I:

  1. installed OneDrive sync. This program will let you see OneDrive files on your local computer.
  2. went to my kid's OneDrive folder by
    1. going to,
    2. selecting OneDrive on the left, then
    3. clicking the "Sync" button, then
    4. opening OneDrive sync and seeing that the files started to sync.
  3. copied and pasted the files in the OneDrive sync folder into my own backup folder. (Don't move them—this would delete the files from OneDrive!)

Asking about "Shared with me" content

The OneDrive export includes only content that was created by my kid. I asked them to look through the OneDrive "shared with me" content to identify anything else they wanted downloaded, such as files for group projects.

Sway content

My kid used Microsoft Sway. Sway does not store content in OneDrive. To export this content I:

  1. went to
  2. clicked on each "sway." For each sway, I then:
    1. clicked on the "…" in the upper right corner, then
    2. clicked "export", then
    3. selected "PDF."
  3. I put these PDFs into my backup folder.

Seesaw content

My kid's class used Seesaw. Fortunately Seesaw has an export feature! To export Seesaw content I:

  1. Logged into Seesaw at
  2. Clicked on my name in the upper left corner,
  3. Clicked on the gear for "settings",
  4. Clicked on "account settings,"
  5. Scrolled down to "Journal archives,"
  6. Clicked "download archives," and finally
  7. Clicked "download journal" for each journal that showed up.

Summarizing everything

At this point my backup folder includes:

  • OneDrive's files
  • Any other OneDrive "shared with me" content that my kid indicated
  • Sway PDFs
  • Seesaw journals

Parent-only content

I also went to the Source and made a PDF copy of everything there by using my browser's "print" tool to print to PDF. I put this in a separate folder.

There's probably other content that I've missed, but hopefully with the above we're able to preserve and have an independent copy of most of what our kid created this year!