Updating the blog

I finally updated the blog theme! I moved from "minima" to minimal-mistakes. The new theme has pagination and search built-in!

Why change?

I am using Jekyll for my site but don't understand it very well. I like that it generates a static site and that I don't need to know much about how that happens! :-)

Probably the fanciest thing I've done, basically copying from others, is on the wiki index page:

{% assign sorted_pages = (site.pages | sort: 'title') %}
{% for site_page in sorted_pages %}
  {% if site_page.layout == 'wiki' and site_page.name != 'index.html' %}
  <li><a href="{{ site_page.url }}">{{ site_page.title }}</a></li>
  {% endif %}
{% endfor %}

With the minima theme, I had started to investigate pagination but needed to figure it out myself.


My workflow continues to be:

  1. Write a post in org-mode
  2. Compile the post into HTML via org-mode exporting. The destination directory is Jekyll
  3. Run jekyll to build the HTML for the site
  4. rsync that site to my hosting provider

This workflow works pretty OK, except that relative linking between pages is a bit weird. (Ideally links would be org-mode links that get converted appropriately into jekyll relative links.)


The structure is:

  • jb.com folder
    • .git: version control for site
    • _site: target HTML site
    • jekyll: Jekyll version of site
    • org: org-mode version of site (the directory where I add content)
    • Makefile

The Makefile has:

        JEKYLL_ENV=production cd jekyll && bundle exec jekyll build -d ../_site

        find org/wiki -name '*.html' -exec rm "{}" \;

upload: site
        rsync -avz --delete _site/ FIXME/

I can't remember why I have that clean target; it's very likely due to me messing around with