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Below are my tips and notes to myself for hiking. I hope these might be useful for you, too!



A month ahead of time

  • Identify the hike via the Washington Trails Association. Maybe choose a hike that's already in my backpack!
  • Identify a backup trip
  • Ensure I have the appropriate, current, permit (e.g. the Discover Pass)
  • Ensure I have snack bars, vegan energy gel, and electrolyte tablets

A day ahead of time

  • Charge devices
  • Check flashlight batteries
  • Check snow levels
  • Download road and trail maps
  • Figure out whether the car needs gas
  • Gather supplies
    • "Trail magic" e.g. toilet paper to leave
    • Bladder
    • Dr. Bronner's and/or hand sanitizer
    • Emergency stuff
    • Flashlight
    • Gel x2
    • Hat
    • Hiking pants
    • Map
    • Odometer?
    • Pack
    • Parking permit
    • Sandwich bag(s) for trash
    • Snack bars x1
  • Read recent trip reports

The morning of

DO NOT DRINK COFFEE (I already have enough energy.)

  • Charge external battery and phone
  • Fill up another Nalgene bottle for the car afterwards
  • Fill up bladder
  • Make a Nalgene bottle with the electrolyte tablets
  • Notify others of itinerary
  • Take parking permit


  • Empty backpack pockets e.g. for bar wrappers
  • Clean Nalgene bottle


Thanks very much to Laura from work for sharing tips!